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自分自身の写真を部屋に飾ると何故元気になるのか?/ ポートレート撮影におけるコンセプトとしての「存在認知(ストローク」


















※ 大切な人や家族写真を部屋に飾ることもまたしかり。そこには他者との質の高い存在認知(ストローク)が存在し、状況によってはグリーフケアに繋がることも珍しくありません。

記事 : Photographer MAL / 丸本祐佐

【Why do we feel better when we hang a picture of ourselves in our room? / "Presence recognition (stroke)" as a concept in portrait photography】

The human mind cannot live without strokes (recognition of existence).

Strokes are all interactions between people, also known as presence recognition.

I know you are there.

The very act of having one's presence known is the minimum happiness, without which one cannot live.

Therefore, the greatest fear of the human heart is "ignorance and non-response.

At first glance, strokes are exchanged with others, but in my opinion, the first step is to recognize one's own existence.

It is

"I know that I am here."

By being aware of and facing this, I feel that the quality of strokes with others will improve.

I recommend "decorating your room with a portrait of yourself.

Try to hang a portrait of yourself in a place where you can always see it.

A somewhat large portrait is effective.

By looking at a portrait of yourself on a daily basis, you will consciously or unconsciously confront, sometimes struggle with, sometimes be encouraged by, and sometimes heal from your past or future life.

The increase in self-resilience and self-efficacy becomes an asset for living life, and this has a significant bearing on the awareness of living one's true existence.

I believe this is the power of portraiture and the potential of photography.

In fact, I have received positive feedback from clients who have had their portraits taken and their photos displayed in their rooms.

The answer to what you want in life is in that one portrait.

The same is true when you hang a portrait of a loved one or family member in your room. It is not uncommon to have a high quality of presence recognition (strokes) with others, which can lead to grief care depending on the situation.

Article : Photographer MAL / Yusuke Marumoto


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