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自分がどう見えるか、ではなく、何を表現したいか / プロフィール写真と心理学/ Portrait in your Life







記事: フォトグラファーMAL/丸本祐佐

【It's not how you look, but what you want to express / Profile Photography and Psychology】

We receive many requests for profile photos, and many people are concerned about how they look.

However, I think this is true.

It is not about how you look, but what you want to express or convey through the profile picture.

If there are 100 people, even if they see the same thing, each of them will have their own way of perceiving it.

Rather than worrying about how others perceive the same thing differently, express your very existence in your profile photo, without lying to yourself or others.

I believe that this is one step toward building a relationship of trust with the viewer (other people).

Article: Photographer MAL/Yusuke Marumoto


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