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私の人生はここから始まった / 熊野古道と那智の滝 / Photographer MAL・丸本祐佐
















記事 :  Photographer MAL / 丸本祐佐

【My Life Began Here / Kumano Kodo and Nachi Waterfall / Photographer MAL, Yusa Marumoto】

I spent my life up to the age of 18 with the sky, the sea, the sun, and large and deep nature such as the Great Falls of Nachi and the Kumano Kodo, and developed the foundation for the sensitivity that I still feel strongly within me.

Even when I am not in my hometown, I am always grateful to the sun and nature around me, and I am conscious of the fact that I am kept alive by them.

This is a very personal thing, but because of this habit, I have rarely put my hands together or believed in things made by others, not because anyone taught me to do so, but because it came naturally to me.

The energy given to me by the nature of my hometown is too great for me to describe.

The sun shining down powerfully, the big blue sky and sea that make you feel the earth is round, the highest waterfall in Japan and its spray that makes you want to keep looking and feeling, the uneven layers of stone steps and the whisper of trees that make you smile even when you are out of breath.

By feeling these things, we can return to our own beginnings and basics, and apply them again to the future from here and now.

This hometown energy, which I have felt for the first time in several years, will undoubtedly have a significant impact on my private work, which I have restarted.

And I strongly feel that the works that are visualized as photographs here and now, no matter how many years have passed, were not created yesterday or today, but are the result of a combination of continuous experience and learning from my childhood.


As a portrait photographer, I do not carry a camera with me except when I am being paid for my work.

The reason is that I want to feel the scene with my five senses, and the camera is heavy.

Therefore, I took almost no snapshots (Landscape and still life) this time, and I took no photos of the Kumano Kodo paths that I took the trouble to walk.

Incidentally, it is impossible to depict the emotion of these natural scenes with the camera of my iPhone, which I always carry with me.

Please go there and feel everything directly with your five senses, not from photographs.

The emotions and processes you experience there will have a profound impact on your life.

Article:  Photographer MAL /  Yusuke Marumoto


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