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フォトグラファーMAL / 丸本祐佐

【A person is basically one "person" regardless of social status, status, or title. but...】

It occurred to me...

I was born in 1971, so I was born 21 years after the end of the war, but if you think about it at this age, 21 years ago is not a completely distant past, but rather a sense of time like a recent event.

If there were no sad events happening in the world right now, I might not have thought about this here and now.

I am full of regrets about the repetition of human history and the youngness and stupidity of people's minds, but if you think of human beings as one person regardless of their social position or title, "I want you to know about existence" (existence recognition/stroke ) The feeling of "I want you to understand" is something that everyone has without exception, and I deeply feel that people can't live healthily without it.

Whether you are the president of a country, a single office worker, a child or an adult, regardless of the difference in size, there is no change in what people's hearts want, and people are basically one person.

However, the higher the social position and responsibility, the more you ask for a conversation (stroke) with a high level of consciousness, the overwhelmingly fewer others who can communicate, and the fewer strokes you get. I don't think so.

In that case, you often enjoy the time of "loneliness" where you can connect with the deep part of yourself, but exchanging high-quality strokes with others is essential for a person's mind to live a healthy life.

It is very important to be aware of what kind of "stroke/existence recognition" you are looking for throughout your life, work and daily life, and in the sense of facing yourself based on that, the port I take. I think the rate will be the trigger and help.

(Therefore, sometimes some people say that your portrait photography is like therapy.)

Photographer MAL

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