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その言葉や行動は他者への思いやりではなく、自分のためのものかもしれません。/ 臨床心理学のスキルと経験を持つフォトグラファーMAL









記事: フォトグラファーMAL/丸本祐佐

【Those words and actions may not be out of compassion for others, but for themselves.】

The human heart cannot live without strokes. People can also feel great happiness by contributing to society and others.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for that word or action that appears to be compassionate to be not for the sake of caring for others, but rather a manifestation of the person's own feelings of wanting the stroke and feeling happiness.

If the person does not receive the response he or she wants, feelings such as "I did so much for him or her..." may arise, followed by aggressive feelings (negative strokes).

In the end, the series of words and actions are not intended to be considerate of others, but are simply involving others to fulfill one's own needs.

When we are truly caring for and leaning on others, we are

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

I think this is the first thing you should say.

And this is exactly the same thing that we would say to a family member who is in a close relationship.

Article: Photographer MAL/Yusuke Marumoto


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