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Service & Price for Portrait

[ Existence and Message ~  A portrait that supports people who are living here now while being aware of life, death, and life expectancy ~  ]

I am taking portraits at the request of people who have accepted cancer and intractable diseases and are living while facing their lives, life expectancy and remaining time.
Details such as the shooting location and time will vary depending on the person's condition and wishes, so please contact us first.
The price list page is separate only for this category.

Click here for the price list → "Portrait price list that supports the life here and now"

② [Profile photo / FACE]

It is an opportunity for the importance of "seeing the face", a sense of security, and a relationship of trust.

We will provide you with a "living profile picture" or a portrait with a teaspoon of art.

2 cuts (2 poses)  ¥ 60,000  ~

Delivery: 10 photo data (color, brightness, contrast adjusted data. Basically, retouching is not performed.)

* Example: If the clothes change, such as taking off or changing clothes from the initial state, it will be the second cut.

Even if the clothes are the same, if the background is changed, or if the composition is clearly different, such as the head shot and the whole body, the calculation will be 2 cuts.

① [Portrait in your Life]

I will leave your "everyday here and now" with the light and time there. Please contact us if you are not good at photography. Prioritize the emotions of the subject when shooting.

Personal portrait 2 cuts (2 poses)  ¥ 60,000  ~ ・ Family photo ¥ 80,000  ~ 

Delivery: 10 photo data (color, brightness, contrast adjusted data. Basically, retouching is not performed.)

* Family photos include group photos and portraits of each person.

However, the number of shutters per person is limited to a few and up to 4 people. From 5 people, an additional 10,000 yen will be charged per person.

☆ Each item option

・ Additional shooting: 20,000 yen for each pattern

(Example: Hand photo, hand holding photo, family photo, changing clothes, etc ... If you want to add a photo by changing the condition or composition)

Three photo data selected for each additional pattern will be included.

・ Additional photo data: 15,000 yen / 1 photo (charge if you want more photo data from the shots)

・ Original print 10,000 yen / 1 sheet (11 x 14 inch / 28 x 35.5 cm)

・ Framed 25,000 yen / 1 framed

・ Business trip fee: Tokyo and Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba 10,000 yen in Kanto (other than 23 wards), other Kanto  15,000 yen. Honshu, Shikoku  25,000 yen. Kyushu, Okinawa, Hokkaido 35,000 yen.

* Transportation fee will be charged separately.

* Accommodation fee may be charged depending on the shooting content and situation, but in that case we will consult with you in advance.

* A separate shipping fee will be charged when the print and frame are delivered.

* All taxes are not included.

◉ If you personally like the work, I may ask you if it is possible to use the photo on my site or in future activities (personal exhibitions, books, photobooks, etc.). ..

④ [Business portrait]: 150,000 yen ~

* Prices are different for highly exposed profile photos used for work -related matters such as corporations, managers, and professionals .

In addition, the amount of money for advertising and shooting for promotion is different, so please contact us for details.

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