「Recognition of Existence & Portrait」

I am a mirror for the people of portraits; I make my effort to help them to be able to talk to themselves through this experience. I had one definition of “recognition of existence” and this had been there at any time in the deep down, and this is “I recognize that your existence is right there”.

This is called “stroke” in the terminology of psychology and is essential for the human mind and we cannot live without that. The portrait, I believe, is the best way to let someone feel the positive stroke/ recognition. Words cannot describe all the essences inside of this but I try to put as much as possible in my works you see. Whoever it is, or the whatever the shape of the life is, living the life means filling up this recognition of self and confirmation of that by the others surrounding you.

My wish is that you could find the answer you want in portraits here. They are the mirrors for you to help talk to yourself and the people you care about.

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